5 Reasons Every Bar Needs An ID Scanner

5 Reasons Every Bar Needs An ID Scanner

5 Reasons Every Bar Needs An ID Scanner

Any company that sells age sensitive products like alcohol should buy an ID Scanner. It is important to verify a patron's age before they are served at your business for a number of reasons. There are also many business advantages to scanning ID's with an electronic device.

Defend Your Business with Affirmative Action

If your businessis caught in a sting operation, how will you prove that you checked every customer's ID before they were served? Today's high tech and inexpensive ID checkers keep a record of every driver's license, state or military ID they check. Many leading scanners offer built in storage for the last five thousand or more scans. The stings rely on employees mentally figuring age and not observing that the undercover operative is just a few days under age. An ID Scanner will ensure this type of mistake does not cost you a ticket and/or thousands of dollars in fees. In many states, scannable fake id your liquor license will be revoked after three offenses effectively putting you out of business. The average fine for just one citation is $1,500, far less than the cost of an ID scanner. Savvy bar owners take the initiative and purchase an ID scanner to protect their license.

Serving teens and underage kids alcohol is a crime. Citations for illegally serving minors are commonly reported in newspapers, blogs and public records. Since many of these sources are easily accessible online, fake id your citation can quickly been seen by hundreds or even thousands of potential customers. When a potential client searches for your business for directions or a menu, do you want them to come across your citation for serving kids liquor?

Shockingly, 28% of 15 to 20 year old drivers who were killed in motor vehicle crashes in 2005 had been drinking. Some of these minors were served in local bars. Don't risk having a young adult's death on your conscience. Scan every patron's ID before they are served and help reduce underage drunk driving. (Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

Understand Your Clientele and Increase Sales

Along with storing scan data to prove you verified a customer's age, fake id maker online ID checkers provide a unique opportunity to collect information on your customers. In addition to age, drivers' licenses and state IDs contain addresses and gender. This data can be used to create direct mailing lists and track the type of clients who visit your nightclub. An ID scanner can also be used to keep track of how many people have entered your business in any given night, and at what times. It is important to purchase an ID scanner with advanced software and a computer hook up that is capable of transferring scan data into spreadsheet software to take advantage of all of these benefits.

Do you know how many of your customers are female? Do you know how many are between the ages of 22 and 27? fake ids Perhaps you have more young women customers than you think, and an attractive, young male bartender will help to increase sales. It's tough to make smart business decisions without accurate data.

Don't take unnecessary risks and operate your bar without an ID checker. Many taverns and bars use an ID scanner at every entrance or keep one by every checkout register. Protect yourself and your business with an ID scanner today. Smart businesses across the country are protecting their investment and taking advantage of the unique tracking features provided by today's ID scanners. Don't be left behind!

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