3 Charged with Fake ID Operation

3 Charged with Fake ID Operation

3 Charged with Fake ID Operation

An investigation at the Speedway license branch has ended with arrests in what law enforcement officials fear is a large scale operation to get fake ID's for foreign nationals.

Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi says investigators first became aware of the problem after an ad ran in a Chinese newspaper in Chicago promising American ID cards.

"In a six hour time period, 24 nationals from different countries from China, from Mexico came to this BMV and eight presented false documentation," he says.

Brizzi adds that seven people were arrested last week.

Among the seven are three people charged with conspiracy to commit forgery: Elizabeth Lang, where to get a fake id a Chinese national who is married to an American, and two Chinese citizens, Tao Sun and Yan Zhang who live in Chicago.

The prosecutor says Zhang had lost her documentation, so she and Sun responded to the ad in the Chicago paper.

Last Thursday, fake id maker Brizzi says the two met Lang in Speedway and the trio went to the license branch. He says there were several errors in Zhang's visa, which Lang presented to license branch officials.

The three were arrested after the documents were determined to be forgeries.

However, in papers filed with the court, investigators state that Lang told them she had helped about 100 people to obtain false Indiana identifications. Investigators also state that Lang admitted to working with a person in New York, Best Fake ID websites who manufactured the false papers that Lang took to the Indiana license branch.

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